Binning Singletons is a program of mentorship through peer-to-peer networking first implemented at ASM Microbe in 2019. We match volunteer mentors (experienced ASM attendees) with “Singletons” – attendees coming for the first-time, coming alone, suffering impostor syndrome, hoping to improve networking, or any number of other reasons one might feel intimidated at a meeting as large as ASM Microbe. The pilot effort was quite successful and made ASM Microbe a more positive and less intimidating experience for our Singletons. 

We have partnered formally with ASM this year and expect to have even more participants in 2020. There were 50 participants in the program in 2019 with minimal time to promote. Due to the positive word of mouth at and after the meeting, as well as support from members of ASM Leadership, Binning Singletons events will be incorporated into the ASM Microbe 2020 agenda and promoted with registration.  We expect between 100-250 participants from across all the ASM tracks in 2020.

Binning Singletons holds a mixer at the end of the first full day of ASM Microbe and provides an opportunity for all the Singletons and mentors in the different bins to come together. This helps the Singletons grow their networks and helps establish an esprit de corps among participants.

ASM Microbe will also feature a daily Binning Singletons Hour providing face-to-face access to ASM leadership in a casual and comfortable environment, as well as daily Binning Singletons Meet-Ups, which will provide additional time to network, as well as feature short talks from mentors.