Multiple-time attendee of and presenter at ASM Microbe.

Time to spend with Singletons (≥1-2 hours  over the meeting. Includes going to posters/talks, touching base, introductions to colleagues).

Attendance at Binning Singletons Events.


Join Binning Singletons Mentor Slack Channel.

Promote to groups outside of Twitter.

Contact Singletons within two days (ideally one day) of matches.

Provide Contact info. (Email, Social, Phone)

Ask about Singleton concerns.

Offer to assist with planning.

Promote your Singletons’ presentations.


Interactions with Singletons

Offer to take Singletons with you around the meeting on the first full day.

Demonstrate how to navigate the meeting and model successful behavior.

Consider taking Singletons to talks or posters with you, and discuss together the main points and answer questions, if possible.

Posters and Presentations

Go to ALL of your Singletons’ posters, and presentations if possible.

If possible, bring a colleague who might have additional insights to the Singletons’ posters.

Introduce each of your Singletons to AT LEAST five colleagues

Networking is difficult for many Singletons and you make it easier.

If a Singleton is looking to change positions/fields, make relevant introductions when possible.

Meeting Activities


Thursday afternoon before the Opening Session (New to Microbe).

Binning Singletons Leadership will have stage time.

Good chance to meet up with Singletons if available.

Opening Session

Offer to sit with Singletons if they’re alone.

Make them aware of alternative viewing locations (lounge and learns).

Opening Reception

Binning Singletons will have its own tower (just like the tracks).

Great place to meet your Singletons and fellow Mentors.

Make every effort to include this in Thursday evening activities.

Binning Singletons Mixer

Friday at the conference center – Not optional.

Supported by ASM and representatives of leadership will speak.

Key part of the program is mixing the bins across tracks and mentors.

Binning Singletons Hour

Daily in the Fireside Chat areas of track hubs.

ASM leadership will be available to chat with Singletons.

Make Singletons aware of these opportunities to interact directly with leadership.

Binning Singletons Curated Itinerary 

Help your Singletons find the sessions that might help them in networking and career development.

This itinerary will feature current and former mentors and Singletons.