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  • Binning Singletons @ WMF

    Binning Singletons is excited to participate in the World Microbe Forum, a collaboration between the American Society for Microbiology, the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, and many more. We debuted […]

  • Merry Everything!

    Remember that one conference early in your career? You didn’t know anyone, so you distanced yourself. And the scale. So much bigger than you expected. You tried to stay connected […]

  • the binning singletons logo consisting of 4 anthropomorphized bacteria; a large pink vibrio pointing to the right, a bunch of 4 yellow staphylococci, a purple E. coli, and a green acetinobacter.

    It’s Pumpkin Science Latte Season!

    The leaves are changing for many of us, and we’re starting to gear up for next year already here at Binning Singletons. This summer has been difficult for most of […]

  • about binning singletons

    Hang Out With Us

    Get the most out of your ASM Microbe experience by joining our crew as a Singleton or Mentor! Have you ever felt isolated and alone at a large conference? There’s […]

  • 2020 ASM Opportunities