How Has Binning Singletons Helped First Time Attendees?

We’ve gathered some feedback from previous Singletons and mentors!
The roles of the individuals are those at the time of participation.

Binning Singletons was a great way for me to connect with other grad students and members of the Microbe community when I was attending the conference alone last year, and meant that I had built-in company and a great professional network that really enhanced my experience. 

Yael Toporek, PhD Student

Binning Singletons allowed me to meet new scientists, some of who are now friends, and learn about their work in various subfields of microbiology.  It even helped with my own science, as many of my fellow singletons came to my poster and had interesting ideas about my work!

Sara Alexander, Graduate Student

Binning Singletons revolutionized ASM for me by providing an amazing, friendly and impactful network for the conference, graduate school and more.

Robin Cagle, Graduate Student and First-Time Attendee

This was not my first time at the ASM Microbe meeting, but it was my favorite because I finally felt like I had a network of people to talk to and attend sessions with. In the past, I’ve only stayed with people I already knew, but Binning Singletons introduced me to a whole cohort of people from around the world who want to help each other get involved with all fields of microbiology.

Susanna Harris, PhD Student

My first ASM was one to remember. This includes too many science tweeps to count, but I’m giving a special shout out to the Binning Singletons program that connected me with my amazing mentor and so many other welcoming people.

Nicole Kirchoff, PhD Student and First-Time Attendee

My peak experience at ASM Microbe 2019 was supporting and uplifting others in the Binning Singletons, which affirmed, when I needed it, that I could mentor students. 

Juliet Johnston, PhD Student

As a mentor, I wish I had access to a program like this when I was attending my first ASM meeting. I remember being overwhelmed at the size of the meeting, and thus didn’t return for several years. A program like this would have made me feel more welcome.

Dr. Kat Milligan-Myhre, Professor

Having mentored my own students through their first conferences, including how to reach out, networking, choosing talks, and presentation tips, I look back at my own first conference and wonder how I survived without somebody to guide me through it. Binning Singletons makes that information accessible for early career scientists so they don’t have to learn the hard way.

Dr. Amanda Gunn, Staff Scientist