#FEMSmicroBlog: Networking at Online Conferences (for Early Career Scientists)

Joseph B James

Conferences, and in particular the networking aspect, can be challenging for Early Career Scientists. The current online conference format imposed by COVID-19 travel restrictions adds additional challenges in creating meaningful connections with other. Joseph B James presents for the #FEMSmicroBlog how Binning Singletons is helping Early Career Scientists network by reflecting on the recent World Microbe Forum (WMF). #MicrobiologyEvent

Binning Singletons: Tackling Conference Networking When You Don’t Know Anyone

Joseph B James

The sheer scale of a large conference can be intimidating. And it can be exacerbated when everyone seems to know one another, but they don’t know you. First time attendees and those attending alone often feel this even more, because they don’t have the networks or experience to get the most of meeting. This is the origin story of Binning Singletons.

Binning Singletons: Mentoring through Networking at ASM Microbe 2019

Joseph B James, Amanda L Gunn, Denise M Akob
Binning Singletons was a highly successful initiative given the limited resources (time and funding) that faced the program. It is a prime example of how enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment can come together to improve the community and experience of ASM Microbe attendees.

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